At Atmoz Consult your ambition is our ambition



  • Looking for a new job as employee or a new challenging project as freelance consultant ?  Please do not hesitate to send us your cv or follow our job offers on LinkedIn, Facebook,, VDAB,
  • Your resume will be uploaded in our database and consulted in every future query when matching your skills and experience in line with the job/project openings we have.
  • In case an interesting job or project for your profile comes up, we will invite you in our offices or at a location at your convenience. Purpose of that meeting is to get to know each other, talk about your job experiences, skills, ambitions and to go further into detail on the job opportunity.
  • Only in case there is a good match according to both parties and with your approval, we will introduce your application to our customer.
  • We always keep you informed on the progress of your application till the final decision. Atmoz Consult guarantees full discretion and confidentiality.


  • Correct job advice

    Atmoz Consult welcomes both candidates looking for fixed and freelance employment.

    We always try to offer the appropriate job advice.

  • Personal approach

    Atmoz Consult invests time and energy in getting to know you and guiding you in your professional career.

    We dare say that your ambition is ours !

  • Wide range of job/project opportunities

    If you like to change work environment from time to time, or if you are eager to learn new technologies rapidly, then temporary projects are most probably the right solution for you.
    If you rather like to commit yourself for a longer period to a specific company, sector or product, then a fixed employment would be more advisable.

  • In both cases Atmoz Consult can help you in finding the right formula as we can count on a solid portfolio of customers and a permanent intake of new and challenging projects at reputable companies.
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Testimonials from our ambassadors

Atmoz Consult is a successful entrepreneur and employer in a still male dominated IT world. Sabine always behaves with a smile and apparent ease.
Going for the win in a reliable and straight forward way, with a dash of humour.

A. Bevers

Atmoz brought for many years challenging projects to the table, providing ample opportunity to learn and hone well assorted craft skills. Thank you Sabine!

A. Verstuyf

Sabine is interested in getting the right person at the right place. She invests time in getting to know you as a person and has found a good habitat for me to thrive in.

O. Costa

Atmoz Consult is a very professional Enterprise, driven & focused on finding the optimum match between client & service provider. They are not only happy to  fulfill the demand, but they provide ‘after-sales follow-up’, ensuring both parties remain content.

J. Miceli