Tailormade ICT-consultancy


Approach (Specialist on premises – Detection need – Find suitable candidate)

One of our consultants will visit your offices to get to know your company and its specific ict-need(s).
After thorough analysis we search for the suited staffing, permanent (through recruitment & selection) or temporary (by means of freelance project consultancy).
In other words, Atmoz Consult delivers tailor-made service.

Fixed ICT-employment

  • Companies in need for highly-skilled ICT-staff for fixed employment but not wanting to invest time and money in the search and application process contact Atmoz Consult to provide the staff they are looking for.
  • Atmoz Consult can help you in any phase of the hiring process.
  • Through vacancy publishing on multiple specialised ICT-job websites, consulting specialised databases (of which the own Atmoz Consult database with more than 10.000 contacts), making use of social media channels and our ample network we go after the right candidate.
  • Starting off by searching for the hard skills of a specific candidate (education, technical knowledge, language knowledge, work experience, etc) we always strive to also match the soft skills of the candidate (personality, attitude, ethics, social and communication skills, etc).
  • Candidates are thoroughly screened in our offices according to your instructions. We select and only present the most suited candidate(s )of which you can choose the candidate(s) for further application interview(s).
  • For companies taking care of their own staff selection Atmoz Consult can always provide a second opinion or advice throughout the application process.
  • Once the suited candidate found and contracted in your company,  Atmoz Consult stays in close contact to further follow-up the integration and well-functioning of the new employee.

Freelance ICT-staffing

  • Companies often face deadlines in projects, resulting in a temporary need for additional manpower. Companies often start projects requiring specific ICT-knowledge for a limited period of time or companies are constantly trying to operate cost efficiently. In all these situations, temporary hiring of ICT-specialists can be a handy solution.
  • Atmoz Consult can count on a team of 50 ICT-experts with proven experience and credentials over the years. We also have a database of 10.000 freelance ICT-professionals who can be contacted and hired within a reasonable timeframe.
  • Atmoz Consult helps you to find the suited freelance ICT-specialist and assures a professional follow-up during the contracting period.


  • Time-saving

    By taking over some of your resourcing tasks, Atmoz Consult allows you to optimise and focus on your core business. We dispose of the necessary infrastructure, tools and expertise to support your ICT-recruitment needs.

  • Expertise

    Atmoz Consult delivers ICT-specialists with the required skills and experience being fully operational from the start and guaranteeing a quick integration.

  • Objective & Independent advice

    As an independent partner Atmoz Consult can give you objective advice as to the feasibility of a profile searched or a project planned.

  • Flexibility

    When ICT is not the core of your business, engaging an external partner to support your resourcing needs can be a suitable and flexible solution to avoid excessive pay-roll staffing, to cover periods with excessive workload, to reduce back-logs and to integrate new technologies within your organisation.

  • Financial advantage

    As Atmoz Consult can cover your needs in an effective way, staff can be integrated within a minimum of time, lowering your costs and reducing the duration of your project to be executed.

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